Traditional asphalt tennis courts are a thing of the past.


Traditional tennis courts need resurfacing every 4-6 years but with the PowerGame modular tile, resurfacing will be unnecessary. Contact us today about your community’s options of tennis resurfacing and let us show you how PowerGame modular tile is leading the pack! 

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Keep Your Court's Flexibility.

As asphalt ages, it loses it's flexibility. This loss of flexibility adds a level of vulnerability to the pavement. When exposed to the elements, outdoor tennis courts will expand and contract causing the inevitable occurrence of cracks along the surface.

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Tennis Court Surfaces and Nets by Sport Court

World's Best Crack Repair System.

Once cracks appear, it may be impossible to repair their cause, but it is not impossible to repair the cracks themselves. Powergame modular tile is the cutting edge way to resurface and restore existing tennis courts.

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Tennis Court Resurfacing from Sport Court